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Power Traveller Redstart 50 Car Jump Starter Kit PTL-RSJ050

Power Traveller

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Portable emergency jump starter for 12V vehicles (7.0L Petrol and 4.5L Diesel) including cars, motorbikes, snowmobiles and more.

With an integrated flashlight with strobe and SOS settings.

Redstart 50 can also provide power to laptops that charge via USB-C.

The casing is flame retardant as well as being dustproof and waterproof to IP67 rating. As well as having safety features such as; reverse polarity protection, spark-proof and smart technology which shuts off power to prevent overheating.

  • Portable jump starter for 12V vehicles
  • Can jump start 7.0L Petrol and 4.5L Diesel engines
  • Can also be used on motorbikes, lawnmowers, snowmobiles and more
  • Integrated flashlight with strobe and SOS settings
  • Provides power to some laptops that charge via USB-C
  • Charge 5V devices via the dual USB outputs
  • IP67 rated
  • Safety features include reverse polarity protection, spark-proof and smart technology
  • Rugged design
  • Smart clamps
  • Includes USB-C cable, Micro USB cable, smart clamps and carry case

For more than fifteen years, Power Traveller have been designing, developing and manufacturing award-winning portable power and solar solutions that extend the usability of a wide range of electronics.

Powertraveller products are built to last, are capable of being used in extremes of temperature and are resistant to the elements and harsh handling. They have a very high number of recharge cycles negating the need for using disposable batteries and are made using components and materials that can be reused or recycled.

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