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There are far too many runners, professionals included, who leave the house with taped toes and more band-aids than energy gels stuffed into their belt. Our brand new, Pro Marathon socks are the result of numerous studies to reveal the exact locations where athletes develop sores, and our designers' answer to many painful questions.

Be it around the ankle, the toes or the sole of the foot, sensitive areas are thickened or padded for optimal cushioning. Furthermore, precisely-targeted micro-zones are interwoven with anti-bacterial PTFE fibres to prevent skin from over-heating, the usual culprit when it comes to blisters. Our striped weaving technique offers optimal ventilation and moisture wicking. A reinforced Achilles strap provides incredibly stable support while multiplied 3D.Dots absorb a maximum of vibration from the tarmac, stimulate blood flow and increase grip. Higher compression further reduces movement of the foot and improves overall ergonomy. Combined with optimised sweat evacuation this not only guarantees increased comfort, but also contributes to less raw skin in the long run.

Once you've completed one pain-free marathon, you might just catch yourself planning another.

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