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Compressport Trail Postural SS Top - Blue Melange


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Light, ergonomic shirt with posture support and integrated storage belt for trail running.

Trail running is nothing short of science: managing nutrition and fatigue is as important as running fast. The new, lighter generation Trail Postural range is designed to help you with the first, so you can focus on the second.

Unique Spin Control technology is woven directly into the back and abdominal area to help keep shoulders straight and core engaged, even when the distance starts to bite. The fabric is soft, fitted and comfortable, with microfibre composition ensuring that chafing and irritation in all sensitive areas is eliminated. Optimised thermoregulation and heat protection keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's not. A new, full zip can be totally opened for extra aeration while the Raglan sleeve design encourages natural freedom of movement.

The upgraded 2020 model replaces previous pockets with a wrap-around, integrated Freebelt to hold running essentials and personal belongings. Elasticated mesh allows for flexible capacity and ultra-easy access so you no longer have to contort to reach your energy bars. The belt is approved bounce-free by our pros and stops the shirt from riding up, no matter how fast you're hurtling down the hill.

  • Postural support woven into the back and abdominal areas, helping you to keep shoulders straight and core engaged even under fatigue
  • Optimal thermoregulation and heat protection thanks to the specific microfibre fabric, which keeps you cool when it's hot and warm when it's not
  • Ergonomic and comfortable cut for zero chafing and irritation, including an integrated, no-bounce belt to carry nutrition and personal belongings
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