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In-line skate designed for active fitness skaters which combine modern technology and trends in fitness skating. The skate is intended for advanced skaters.

Solid three-wheeled chassis with max 100mm wheels enables fast and comfortable skating even over long distances.

The chassis is relatively short, which ensures good mobility and agility.

The comfortable liner has two-layers. The harder outer layer holds the foot firmly in the skeleton, while the softer inner layer will tightly enclose the foot, providing comfort and control.

The skeleton is vented through the sole and the air is distributed through the insole under the entire foot.

Modern 'TEMPISH Lacing System' allows quick tightening and release.
By tightening the instep strap and the upper buckle on the skate collar, users can adjust to the optimal position for and control.

Sizes 37-42

Length of the inner insole:

size.: 37 - 23,7cm

size.: 38 - 24,4cm

size.: 39 - 25,0cm

size.: 40 - 25,6cm

size.: 41 - 26,3cm

size.: 42 - 26,7cm

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