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COMPRESSPORT ProRacing Socks V3.0 Ultralight Run Hi - Fluo Blue

COMPRESSPORT ProRacing Socks V3.0 Ultralight Run Hi - Fluo Blue

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Exceptionally-light fluo blue running sock for maximum ventilation and enhanced performance in extreme conditions.

 After developing the cycling version of the Pro Racing Ultralight sock for Joachim "Purito" Rodriguez, we decided our elite runners also deserved the same lightning-fast coolness. Featherlight, the 9-gram Racing Sock Ultralight Run provides an unparalleled second-skin feel and exceptional comfort thanks to ultra-soft mesh fabric. Ventilation is second-to-none so that your feet stay fresh and dry at all times. Specific fibres act as hot spot preventers to ensure your soles do not burn up, no matter how long they batter the pavement. Cleverly-placed, 3D.Dots on the internal malleolus protect the bone from impact for runners who tend to clip it with the opposing foot when fatigued. Targeted compression boosts blood flow, while the toe box is slightly reinforced to reduce the risk of beaten-up toes and blue nails during long, intense efforts. If you are racing through the Sahara desert or facing a heat wave in Boston, this fluo blue running sock is your weapon of choice.

T1 35-38 3,5-6 5-7,5 2,5-5 3-5,5
T2 39-41 6,5-8 8-9,5 5,5-7 6-7,5
T3 42-44 8,5-10,5 10-12 7,5-9,5 8-10
T4 45-48 11-13,5 12,5-15 10-12,5 10,5-13

Product net weight 20.00 g

Compositions 92%PA 8%EA

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