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Cocoon Mummy Liner Travel Sheet - Organic Cotton - Heather Grey

Cocoon Mummy Liner Travel Sheet - Organic Cotton - Heather Grey

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 A Mummy Liner is an extremely lightweight tapered sleeping bag liner.


• as sleeping bag liner for mummy-shaped sleeping bags

• keeps your sleeping bag clean and extends its lifespan

• adds insulation and comfort 

• as sleeping bag in warm climates


• drawstring hood

• wide top opening

• boxed foot end

• completely double stitched

Weight - 380g

Size - 241 × 90 | 56 cm

Pack Size - 19.5 × 8.5 cm


The premium quality organic cotton used for Cocoon® TravelSheets™  is grown by Indian farmers, organized into cooperatives. Organic cotton farming is characterized by a great respect for the environment, a number of natural approaches to pest management and soil fertility as well as social improvements and economic security for the farmers and their communities . Fairtrade certified cooperatives and factories guarantee a fair and stable price for organic cotton. Premiums for organic and Fairtrade cotton flow into community development projects democratically chosen by the farmers.

Organic, rain-fed cotton farming has no or hardly any negative impacts on soil, water tables, food chains and the global environment. It is an investment in the future of our planet. By contrast, the conventional cultivation of cotton is characterized by massive use of insecticides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers as well as enormous water consumption through irrigation. The production of organic and Fairtrade cotton is strictly controlled by the cooperative, NGOs and official certifiers (e.g. GOTS). The consumer can therefore be sure to be buying a high quality, 100% organically grown, ethically manufactured product.

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