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Compressport Trail Under Control WOMENS Short - Black

Compressport Trail Under Control WOMENS Short - Black

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Womens' high performance black compression shorts with integrated pockets and palm grip for faster trail running.

The targeted compression panels of the women's trail running Under Control Shorts provide maximum support to the thighs while absorbing up to 30% of muscle vibration. Boosted blood flow oxygenates muscles faster, allowing you to run faster, for longer. The ventilation bands woven directly into the microfibre guarantee 360° aeration and quickly wick away sweat and moisture so you no longer have to worry about painful chafing around the inner thighs and groin. An ergonomically-cut waist provides added core support in uneven terrain, while a rear mesh pocket holds nutrition and small personal belongings. The women-specific cut stops aesthetically at mid-thigh, perfect for tackling tough trails in style.

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