JK Rose Cycling/Fitness Gel Pad Fingerless Gloves - Large

JK Rose

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  • All-round gloves: suitable for cycling, weight lifting, gymnastics training, strength training, fitness, gym training and general workouts.
  • Shock absorbent, silicone gel pad works as a buffer layer to reduce shock when cycling and allow you to ride longer without vibration discomfort.
  • Microfibre Leather (PU) + Lycra Fabric + Silicone Gel.  Stretchy and breathable, conforms to the shape of the hand and keeps hands cool.
  • Permeable material on the back of the hand for improved ventilation and faster evaporation of sweat.



Palm width: M: (8.0cm-8.5cm), L: (8.5cm-9.0cm); XL: (9.0cm-9.5cm).

Hand circumference: M: 19 cm - 21 cm / 7.4 inches - 8.3 inches, L: 21 cm - 23 cm / 8.3 - 9.1 inches, XL: 23 cm - 25 cm / 9.1 inches - 9.8 inches.



Hand wash only.

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