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Sterling Power

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  • 1 x Battery to Battery Charger
  • 1 x Battery Temperature Sensor
  • V in - 12V
  • V out - 12V
  • Amps In - 30A

The Pro Batt Ultra is a DC to DC charger that is installed between a battery bank which is being charged (typically a starter battery being charged by an alternator/battery charger and a battery bank that you wish to charge (auxiliary/house/bow thruster).  The charger provides a 5 stage charging profile to these output batteries.  You should experience substantial charging improvements in terms of rate of charge and improved health/maintenance of your batteries.  This unit will reduce the input voltage if it is too high and boost it if it is too low ensuring the batteries receive their optimal charge voltage.  The charger is very simple to install and does not void engine/alternator warranty or influence engine management systems.

Key Features:

DC to DC Charging (shore power AC not required) - charges when moving.

Allows user control over output voltage (higher or lower than input) with wide range of battery types on the market this feature is a must. Matching correct charging voltage and profile stipulated by battery manufacturer.

Regenerative braking friendly.

Fully current limiting to avoid overload.

8 battery type selections including: open lead acid, gel, AGM, sealed lead acid, calcium,LiFePO4

Custom battery type settings.

De-sulphation/Equalization mode.

Thermally controlled fan cooling.

Night Mode (fan noise reduction)

Optional 50% current limit reduction.

Force float charge mode.

Remote voltage sense - ability to compensate for long cable runs.

Remote battery temperature sensor.

Low input voltage threshold adjust.

Remote control option.

Designed and developed in England and the United States of America.  Made in Taiwan.



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