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Thetford C402C Right Hand Cassette Toilet

Thetford C402C Right Hand Cassette Toilet

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The Thetford Cassette Toilet C402-C, is a luxurious toilet facility using state-of-the-art technology consisting of a 12 volt pump and flushing system. Its holding tank comes with built-in wheels and a retractable lifting arm for your convenience, a standard feature of the C400 series Thetford toilets. The element of thermo softening plastic rubber wheels provides effortless and simple transport for the waste-carrying tank. Waste transfer has never been this easy!

The inner tank is also accessible. The removal mechanism feature also grants the user ease in terms of quick access of the inner tank, which is the main innovation of C400.

This C402 model is deeper and higher compared to its predecessors making comfortable when in use. These modern toilets were created with aftercare and servicing in mind. All the major parts are available.

This model Thetford has compatible spare parts. The C400 uses an identical seal connecting the tanks, same as existing cassette toilets.

Thetford have created this toilet to be as environmentally friendly as possible. All the parts have been chosen to reduce any environmental impact after disposal.

This model toilet also comes with its unique water tank flushing system that is filled from the outside, through its lockable service door. One advantage of this is that there is extra storage for the water and also the user will not depend on the water from the RV tanks for them to flush their toilets, therefore the user will be able to put Pink rinse on the top tank.


• Bench style cassette toilet
• LED level indicator that can be installed on the left or the right
• Electric push button for adding water to the bowl
• Waste holding tank comes with wheels and retractable handle
• Automatic pressure release vent ensures the waste tank is ventilated, avoiding excessive pressure


• Flushing System: Electric (12V)
• Filling funnel for the fresh water tank
• Removable seat and cover for easy cleaning
• Waste tank capacity: 5.1 gal. (19.3L)
• Flush water tank capacity: 4 gal. (15L)
• Waste holding tank comes with integrated no-splash pour spout
• The working mechanism in the holding tank is removable so the inside of the tank is easy to clean and maintain.

• W670 x H485 (H Lid 385) x D400 mm
• Tank Width: 670mm
• Seating Height: 458mm
• Seating Depth (from front to back): 400mm
• Total height (when seat is open): 816mm,

A holding tank with wheels and a convenient retractable handle are just two of the features of this built-in bench style model.

OEM Packed

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